Monday, May 3, 2010

In regards to my mood

This is how I feel lately, with life, my emotions, friends, boys, family, everyone and everything. I will keep everyone blocked away forever, because every time I try to make a motion in the right direction or allow myself to be vulnerable, I fail and feel ten times worse. So thats that.


This Friday the Banksy movie 'Exit Through The Gift Shop' comes out.

Who's goin' with me? Cause I WILL go before I work Friday.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Open minds, Open hearts.

I feel like every day, week, month, etc. goes by far too quickly. It amazes me that Fridays always come so quickly and that before you know it, the next month is here. I dislike this, there is never enough hours in a day, truly I think everyone feels this way. I don't get time to stop and enjoy the weather or the scenery or for that matter, anything really. My feet have become tired and withered like my soul feels sometimes from working. I do love my job however, and am verrrrry good at it. I just; as I always say, miss the way things used to be. Money really cannot buy happiness, it can buy you material happiness, but thats not even real. But I do feel joyful when people, my friends and family, go out of their way to visit me at work and such, and make time for me in general. It makes me feel as though things haven't changed for the worse.
Anyways, I have recently realized how different cultures are, tonight there was a table of maybe 12-18 arabic decent, men. They were rude to every waitress, finally they sent out the only male, lebanese waiter at our establishment, and these men were nice to him. This right here, is the reason I despise some men. I mean seriously, I'm pretty sure everyone was equal last time I checked. However for some reason, these men think having money means you can treat some people, especially women, horribly. It took everything in me to not walk over there and slap each of them, individually. I just wish everyone would be more open minded to everything, give people a chance before you judge them, before you open your mouth with a rude remark or a bad attitude. It's not as though people choose their race, culture, age, short comings, and everything else. They are just working with what they've got, or at least that's how I see it. Being open minded and open hearted leaves little room for hatred and mostly makes you a beautiful person no matter what your outside may appear. You must give everything and everyone a chance, if you don't you may walk right by one of the most amazing people in the world and not stop to say Hi because they don't please your fancy. I just cannot stress enough how important being nice to everyone is, people are people, they should all be treated respectfully until shown they deserve otherwise. I love my job just because I get to practice this everyday. I meet new people everyday and I just cannot tell you how amazingly warm hearted, giving, kind, beautiful, soul filled people I get the pleasure of having conversations with. Sometimes I walk out of that place with more than just a pocket full of cash, but a heart full of happiness, and some lovely friends that are just as open as I am. I truly believe this job happened upon me for a good reason.

Tip to remember; Open minds give opportunity to an open heart, which will fill your soul with all the nutrients it may need or want.
Shelby Kirchoff