Saturday, August 14, 2010


I've noticed lately that a lot of people, mostly people in my immediate circle of close friends and family all kind of complain about the same things. Whether it be, money, health, school, work, etc. it's always the same feelings towards the same situations. Then last night I realized, we all do it, we all complain about every detail of our lives or maybe just one not being slightly the way we hoped or imagined it to be. It's kind of funny how much we envy others for the things they have or the thing they do not have to do. However, if you actually remove your feelings from the complaint you start to see that, it's not just you, it's everyone...we all go through these phases where maybe our bosses don't treat us the way they treat other co workers or maybe our parents don't help us out as much as we'd like them to, or even as much as they help our siblings. Hell, maybe it might even be that you don't understand why you're single or why you're in some sort of abusive relationship. No matter what the area or complaint might be, one thing is true for all of this, yeah it may suck to be you right now. However, there are other people out in the world that feel envious of you because of something you have and they don't or the way you're treated and they aren't. Point blank, no one has it good, and as much as you are hurting, there are a million other people who have it worse than you, and being grateful for all you have, doesn't necessarily mean that you need to see everything as a positive even when it's not. It more so means, realizing you've got SOMETHING that others would kill to have, and all the other things you do not have that others do, that stuff will all come in time. So be grateful for all you are and all you are not.
Shelby Kirchoff