Monday, March 28, 2011

Take me to your super computer!

I can now mobile-blog, WHAAAAAT?! As if the internet and cellphones didn't make my life easier as is, (I reinstated my facebook already) but damn, mobile-blogging now too? DOWN! Probably as excited as I am because when I move I can just car blog, aka; the act of blogging while on a long car ride/ roadtrip. OH, I didn't tell my blog, I'm leaving in 36 days, give or take a day. I plan to move to Chester, Virginia with my roomie and bestfriend Katherine, or as you'll hear me refer to her as "Kiki". I was super excited, I mean actually I am still extremely excited, However; I will dearly miss quite a few people, but this is a vacation that not only have I been dreaming about and wanting desperately....but I need this vacation. I need a break away from all the hussle and bussle that is my life in Metro Detroit. I know people are the same everywhere, I know that I'm gonna get lonely, I know it's gonna be different, but who cares. I'm over others trying to change my mind on the matter, I have no idea how long I'll be gone for. For now, till July, possibly August. I just know the internet will make me feel a lot closer to those I love when I leave anyways. Hey, more time for me to blog and figure out some creative way of relating my ideas and sketches or just plain out figure out what I wanna do with the time I've been given.
Shelby Kirchoff