Monday, January 24, 2011

A wise man once said...

"It is after all the greatest art to limit and isolate oneself."

So that is exactly what I am going to do. I just, literally, 5 minutes ago deleted my Facebook account and feel pretty good about it. I think i'll communicate my daily ideas on here. Who needs short status updates that do little but provoke me to insanity? I'm not sure why I even stuck with FB as long as I did, I guess it was an issue of entertainment, and then dependancy and now I just don't care anymore. I just don't care what the world has to say, nothing about facebook was beautiful or even slightly amusing to me. I guess creeping had become some sort of modern hobby. Either way, if I cannot change my world around me, I will cut it off from me. One step daily to a better, happier me. I can't change states now so everyday I'm gonna add one new thing to my daily routine or, change one habit for the better. Who knows what each day will bring? All that matters is every day is not the same.

DAY 1, deleted facebook profile; limit useless internet activities.
Shelby Kirchoff