Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I'm a psycho, wooooah.

This post was prompted from my late night mind flow, which is actually just a highly creative nick name for insomnia. So lately I've been thinking, I need to create more ideas, which leads me to my new found idea...I want to give up on hate, saying it, using it, thinking it, anything having to do with it. So in this post I'm letting out all the hate I can think of and then no longer using the word and thus not giving the emotion a label, listen it's just a good idea. Now this list or rather rant, will be short, I'm sure I could sit and think for hours about what I "hate" but that feels like a pointless venture, so i'll keep it short and sweet.
Five things I absolutely HATE:
1) Ignorant people, people who speak improperly out of laziness, or lack of education. However most think that being a "tuff guy" will get their point across better than knowledge and education, Okay we get it, you could fight me and win but you still sound and look like a mongoloid.
2) Extremely prejudice people, the kind who think all people wearing scarves are terrorist and that every black man in baggy pants and nikes is going to rob them. Get real, get with it, Kindness is universal. If you're nice to people they will be the same to you.
3) Seeing the people around me go no where, now this is not regarding everyone around me, but a select few. It's so sad and pathetic watching people older than myself, or even my age do nothing because they have lame excuses and a poor habit to part take in.
4)My job, I'm sorry but I know everyone hates their jobs so you can sympathize with me when I say I hate hate hate it. It's not even the job itself I hate, because I love waitressing. I just guess I dislike the fact its the same shit a different day with that place. Constantly have to feel inferior to male cooks who not only are rude, but sometimes creepy towards you. Mind you working with about 15 other women doesn't make a job any easier. So constantly stuck between a rock and a hard place.
5)Favorites, I hate when people play this card, which they do just about uhhh DAILY! Seriously, what happen to everyone being created equal, thats right! This is the 21st century, you're only equal if you have 4G.
5) I hate the holidays, all it does is make me think about missing loved ones. Which is just the last thing I wanna do. So I guess I'll work em' all. I hate just about everything, everyday BUT, I am going to try and change that.
I'm gonna change my mind, get in the right mind and get feelin' right. Positivity makes progress.
Shelby Kirchoff