Monday, September 12, 2011

Kind is what kind does.

Recently I've moved back from Virgina. I can say life has been anything but easy on me. I could, well, I would usually say that if it's not one's another. I have let Michigan, or rather; northern mentality get the best of me. I have told several customers recently, just because it's cold, the weather sucks, and the economy as well. That doesn't mean we need to be unfriendly and unkind to one another. I don't think thats the person or mentality I wanna harbor anymore. In Virginia I was different...I had a renewed sense of hope in people. Happy people, create more happy people. I've learned in the two weeks of being "home" that I can either be completely miserable or I can do something about it. So by golly, I'm gonna do something about it! You are your only wall, your mind is the only thing stopping you from freeing yourself of every worry or bind you are in. Starting today, September 12th, I am going to do one random act of kindness a day. In addition to this random act of kindness I am going to try to be as positive as possible. My friend Megan said it best: It takes more energy to smile than it does to frown, and I ain't got much energy left. Today the universe restored faith in me, made me realize...lady luck just like people, might not always be on your side but all you really need is a good head on your shoulders and you can combat all the bad luck and bad people you encounter. Let everything be, the universe has got you fellow bloggers! Keep the good energy moving and have a great Monday!

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