Monday, November 21, 2011

I rarely ever....

Post on here much anymore. I am unsure if it is due to lack of creative spark, or if it is just pure laziness. I will admit it may possibly be a tad bit of both. I just found some old notes I wrote to my future self (more or less a way of tracking my own progress). I found this to be one of my favorite pieces that I intend to illustrate and hang in my house.

10 things to do daily....

1.) Realize today is a new day, and ANYTHING is possible.

2.) Do some sort of exercise to stimulate the body.

3.) Have a peaceful moment, by yourself. In order to stimulate your mind. Read, meditate, write, etc.

4.) Go into the day KNOWING you do not KNOW everything, so you can learn something.

5.) Try to leave every person you meet a little happier, or at least; leave them with a smile:)

6.) Don't take everything SOOOO seriously!

7.)S L O W D O W N!

7.5.) You're far too impatient; give things time. "Rome wasn't built in a day."

8.) Enjoy music as much as possible. Even if just in your head.

9.) Appreciate what you have, even if life is not perfect. There are positive- GREAT things in your life, just look around.

10.) And always remember, you are only human. You will NEVER be perfect, but you will be exactly what you allow yourself to be!

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